Let’s speak about TV ads analytics at Dmexco

Time to speak about TV ads analytics at Dmexco

Ready, steady, Dmexgo !

On the 14th and 15th of September, Admo.tv Team moves to Cologne to attend Dmexco, one of the biggest international digital marketing exhibition. A great opportunity for us to show Dmexco visitors how we master TV ads analytics.

Dmexco seems to be ‘the place to be’ for any digital oriented company. A perfect opportunity to present its product, but also to meet passionated people, learn about innovations within the industry. Indeed, saying that digital is a fast moving environment is an obvious one, and we cannot hide our excitement as Dmexco gets closer.

With great data comes great responsabilities

Let’s take the example of Big Data. Doubtlessly a word you’ve lastly noticed in a nicely written business review article. Or in a corporate tweet with the following formulations: #competitveadvantage #thefuture #analytics etc. Companies have been collecting data to uncover trends and learn from experience for ages, that’s for sure. However, we are definitely entering a new Era. We are now in a situation where companies can exploit this data. More speed, more insights, more automation, looking for efficiency and results. Getting information and knowing your environment has never been such a valuable competitive advantage.

In such a context, we can ask ourselves: If Big Data creates the hype, why couldn’t all industries (e.g. offline businesses) take advantage of it? Should TV ads analytics remain limited to macro metrics ? Because they are ‘old fashioned’ media? Remember 37 years ago, when ‘Video killed the Radio Star’. Should we think that internet will soon be murdering the TV Star?

We surely cannot tell the future. Nevertheless, what we already know is that the digital boom of the 2000’s has not killed TV. It has just changed the way we use it.

Multi tasking behaviors allow a new kind of TV ads analytics

Indeed, our smartphone is often at our fingertips, especially when we watch our weekly House M.D episode. In other words, we are multi-tasking viewers, and we watch TV everyday, with an unlimited source of information right above our knees. A fashion ad caught our attention during the break? Let’s Google it, now. But let’s be quick, please, the episode is about to start again and Hugh Laurie is not the patient kind.

TV ads analytics is helped by multi tasking behaviors

Well, maybe we’ll go back to this website tomorrow, at lunch break. As Grandma used to say ‘sleep on it’.

So the question is: how can a company know, when a customer goes back to its website the day after, that he/she has actually watched her ad during theHouse M.D. break? The big challenge for advertisers is not only now to catch the attention of the right target, but also to bring him/her to the right place (its website), and to understand the best way to do so. Ladies and Gentlemem, welcome to ‘the drive to web challenge’! No, this is not the name of a new popular TV show (although it could be a good one), just the reflection of a new reality. ROI is not a nice-to-have KPI for offline advertisers, it has become compulsory, just the same way it is for pure players. But calculating an ROI recquires an effective and trustworthy way to analyse data. Therefore, TV ads analytics have to go one step further.

Admo.tv guarantee a 99% TV ads analytics reliability

With Admo.tv, we’ve built the most accurate TV ads analytics platform…and it took time before being able to state it loud and clear. 18 months of R&D were necessary to lead to the patented technology we have now. Another proof that hard work pays off, since we now guarantee a 99% data reliability rate. No more estimation, general idea or universal truth. What advertisers need today is well-established data in order to understand where their money goes, how to invest better in communication, and how to be truly effective. These are the reasons why Admo.tv relies on a dynamic traffic calculation, based on algorithms that leave no room for appraisals.

Admo.tv offers great TV ads analytics

Wanna learn more?

Come and have a coffee with the Team at the Dmexco Startup Village (Hall 6)! We will be happy to show you how we have optimized Meetic, Accor, Ford, Havas, and our 80 clients’ media plans ROI. To meet us, it’s simple: just book here a 15 minutes appointment.

Auf Wiedersehen !

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